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Quality Assurance Assistant

Quality Assurance Assistant

Gainesville 3078

Gainesville GA US

Job location

Gainesville GA US

Phone(770) 407-7033
BranchGainesville 3078
Pay Rate$17.00/hour

Job Description

Responsible for ensuring food safety and quality standards in the Daily’s processing plant by performing pre-operational inspections, work in process and final product inspection, quality checks, SSOP, customer requirements, company policies and procedures. To monitor and perform verifications of critical control points throughout the manufacturing process ensuring strict adherence to the company’s written HACCP program. Recommends and oversees proper corrective actions are initiated and documented where required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform pre-operational and operational sanitary inspection of production and auxiliary areas in the plant.
  • Perform verification inspection and testing at the designated frequencies of following tasks: product temperatures, injection tests, net weight checks, product quality checks, label verification, metal detection and sell by verification. Document findings and report any issues to appropriate personnel.
  • Verify employees’ adherence to GMPs, SSOP, and company policies.
  • Monitor and verification of critical control points throughout production departments.
  • Perform monitoring activities in accordance with documented frequencies.
  • Place non-conforming product on QA Hold status.
  • Document HACCP corrective actions for non-conforming product to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Cause of deviation
  • Corrective Action
  • Prevent recurrence
  • Product disposition
  • Release finished product from hold once in compliance with HACCP defined critical limits.
  • Periodic review of paperwork throughout shift to verify all products have met critical limits and can be released for shipment. All pre-shipment and record reviews must be signed and dated in accordance with company’s HACCP program.
  • Accurately document all fields within FSQA paperwork to ensure all inspections are within company’s quality standards.
  • Take random samples of work in process and finished product for microbiological analysis.
  • Control non-conformant product, processes or equipment to ensure proper actions and management notifications are in place to verify product is compliant with all quality and regulatory specifications.
  • Perform other related responsibilities, as needed, to support Daily’s business objectives.

Schedule 6am-3pm

Pay Rate 17-20 


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