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West Allis WI US
Milwaukee 3115
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16.00 GL

2 event spaces, 1 in Falls, 1 in Stallis. Falls <50 guests; Stallis 50-70 guests. Private events, bdays, showers, etc.

Mostly weekends, PT, before/during/after events, 6-8 hours/event

Brick-and-mortar locations booked 2/3 days each weekend (always Sat).

More in summer.

3 events/mo offsite - *our associates cannot do*

Currently have 3 employees, looking for 2 more ASAP

$16/hr, more if experienced in event planning. (up to $20)

No table service, no supervisory duties.

Lifting/moving lightweight objects (folding chairs, etc), stocking supplies (plates, napkins), putting items away after event.

Dress: black pants/white shirt (shirt provided) - professional yet comfortable

Had a person to help decorate, moved to bartending, less availability due to school schedule.

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