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Truckload Brokerage Ops Agent

McDonough 3076
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Job Title: Truckload Brokerage Ops Agent

Pay Rate: $18.00 to $20.00 per hour

Schedule (Days and Time): 

Monday -   Friday

8:00AM to 5:00PM

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • 1 year Minimum experience in truckload brokerage
  • Ensure safe, legal and on time transit of shipments from shipper to receiver
  • Prepare necessary documents required for transporting cargo(i.e. BOLs, rate con, insurance, W9)
  • Negotiate terms/rates, contractual money obligations between customers, carriers and 3rd parties
  • Finding new carriers, while making sure they adhere to our required standards
  • Properly "setting up" a new carriers, carrier contract, carrier documents
  • Continually growing our carrier base while focusing on commitment to servicing customers
  • Work with shippers and carriers simultaneously to arrive at a fair/agreeable rate for all parties involved
  • Monitor loads in transit by keeping in constant contact with drivers, dispatchers, ensure OTD
  • Handle any problems that arise during transit to ensure customer satisfaction (i.e. delays, breakdowns)
  •  Sourcing carriers/owner operators to dispatch an cover open loads
  • Filtering carriers by using existing company standards - checklist for necessary requirements 
  • Important to stay informed of market conditions, competitive activities, advertising and promotional trends through the reading of pertinent literature
  • Adhering to laws set by DOT for legal transportation
  • HOS, CSA's, Insurance requirements (Current/Active)
  • Familiarity of DAT program, utilizing the availability of information provided 
  • Data entry into OS, build a load in the system, generate a confirmation, updating 

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