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We are currently hiring Clerk for a premier e-commerce employer!

Job Title: Clerk

Pay Rate: $20.00-$23.00 DOE

Schedule (Days and Time): Monday–Thursday (8:00am – 6:00pm)

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • We are seeking a dynamic and bilingual (English/Spanish) Section 8 Secretary to provide comprehensive administrative support to our Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Bilingual Section 8 Secretary will play a key role in facilitating communication and providing assistance to program participants and stakeholders who speak both English and Spanish.

  1. Administrative Support: Provide administrative support to the Section 8 department, including answering phones, responding to emails, and managing correspondence in both English and Spanish.
  2. Document Translation: Translate program documents, forms, letters, and other written materials from English to Spanish, and vice versa, ensuring accuracy and clarity.
  3. Participant Assistance: Assist Spanish-speaking Section 8 participants in completing applications, understanding program requirements, and resolving inquiries or concerns.
  4. Interpreting Services: Provide interpretation services during meetings, appointments, and interactions between English-speaking staff and Spanish-speaking participants or stakeholders.
  5. Data Entry: Accurately input participant information, rental data, and program transactions into databases or management systems in both English and Spanish.
  6. Reporting: Assist in preparing reports, summaries, and statistical data related to program activities and outcomes, including translating documents as needed.
  7. Correspondence: Draft and edit letters, memos, and other written communications in both English and Spanish on behalf of the Section 8 department.
  8. Appointment Scheduling: Coordinate and schedule appointments, meetings, and inspections for Spanish-speaking Section 8 participants and landlords.
  9. Filing and Organization: Maintain organized filing systems for program documents, ensuring easy retrieval and accessibility for both English and Spanish materials.

1 0. Compliance Monitoring: Assist in monitoring program compliance with regulations, including tracking deadlines for recertifications and inspections for Spanish-speaking participants.

Job Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent. Additional education or training in office administration or a related field is preferred.
  • Fluency in both English and Spanish, with the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken forms. Real Estate Experience.
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