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Line Leader Production 2nd shift

Gainesville, GA
Gainesville 3078
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The Line Leader is the primary owner of production lines. All production operators must report and receive directions from the Line Leader. Production Line Leaders are fully responsible and expected to operate production lines using the provided resources to manufacture our customer’s products within the guidelines of safety, quality, efficiency, and inventory control.

Essential Duties:

  1. Monitor line cleanliness through the utilization of SIP audits and all other established programs
  2. Perform Line Acceptance audit prior to beginning of each shift.
  3. Maintain cleaning supply inventory for designated areas.
  4. Must be able to safely operate all equipment on the line.
  5. Perform propellant verification daily by ensuring correct propellant has been connected to the gasser and the Tank Farm Attendant and Line Mechanic have signed the white board.
  6. Perform end of the line quality checks hourly at a minimum. Train and mentor operators performing additional required quality checks.
  7. Read the work order daily to prior to beginning of each shift. Facilitate a meeting with all affected personnel and ensure they understand the areas that pertain to them and ensure they sign the work order verification form prior to start up.
  8. Identify quality defects and initiate corrective action.
  9. Monitor Packers' performance and ensure they understand the levels of defects and that they observe the Acceptable Quality Level.
  10. Notify Supervisor of any problems that could place product in a "Hold" status required rework.

Other Functional Responsibilities

  • Follow and enforce all Safety/GMP guidelines.
  • Report all Safety Incidences through the use of Incident Report Form.
  • Read and understand all Standard Operating Procedures pertaining to this position.
  • During downtime events, determine if work around is possible. If so, maneuver crew to produce manually while equipment is being repaired.
  • Remain on the line during operations and change over to assist and direct as necessary.
  • Document the change over process and evaluate for possible improvements. If you must leave the line, notify the Production Supervisor. Be punctual.
  • Crew the production line with only those people required. Do not overstaff without the Production Manager’s approval.
  • Report all attendance violations to the Production Supervisor.
  • Communicate with the Production Supervisor to determine the limiting on work order.

Educational Requirements

High School Diploma or GED

Work Experience

  • At least 1 year manufacturing experience

Pay- $19/hr + .50 Shift Premium

  • Supervisory background is a plus


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