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Forklift Operator with Slip Sheet & Clamp Exp.

Bloomingdale, GA
Pooler 3061
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**Job Title:** Forklift Operator

     Payrate: $19.00/hr.

     Shift: 7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri

**Job Description:**

As a Forklift Operator, your primary responsibility is to efficiently manage the movement of goods within the warehouse environment. This includes loading, unloading, sorting, staging, and transporting products to and from designated areas. To excel in this role, you must possess a strong commitment to safety, teamwork, and productivity.

**Key Responsibilities:**

1. **Operational Efficiency:** Safely and efficiently operate a forklift in accordance with company or site-specific safety policies and procedures. Utilize Slip Sheet and Clamp experience as required.

2. **Material Handling:** Load and unload trailers, railcars, and transports, ensuring that products are placed in the designated areas accurately and without damage.

3. **Quality Assurance:** Perform thorough checks of inbound and outbound products to verify accuracy in items and quantities. Report any discrepancies promptly.

4. **Technology Utilization:** Use handheld scanners and other equipment to ensure compliance with the warehouse management system. Accurate data entry and record-keeping are essential.

5. **Equipment Maintenance:** Conduct daily inspections of forklift equipment to ensure proper functioning and safety compliance. Report any issues promptly to maintenance staff.

6. **Team Collaboration:** Work cooperatively with other warehouse associates to achieve daily operational goals. Effective communication and teamwork are crucial for success in this role.

7. **Facility Maintenance:** Participate in keeping the warehouse facility clean, neat, and orderly. This includes organizing inventory, disposing of waste properly, and following housekeeping protocols.


- Valid forklift operator certification/license

- Previous experience operating a forklift, with proficiency in Slip Sheet and Clamp usage

- Strong commitment to workplace safety and adherence to safety protocols

- Ability to work efficiently with little supervision, while also collaborating effectively with team members

- Basic computer skills for data entry and use of warehouse management systems

- Physical stamina and ability to lift heavy objects, as well as work in varying temperature conditions


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