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Reach Truck Operator

Bloomingdale, GA
Pooler 3061
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Job Description: Reach Truck Operator

Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm


Position Summary:

Reach Truck Operators play a crucial role in the efficient movement of goods within the facility. They are responsible for various tasks related to receiving, production support, shipping, and overall warehouse organization. Operating in adherence to safety protocols and company standards, Reach Truck Operators ensure the timely and accurate handling of pallets, maintaining the integrity of inventory and facilitating smooth operations.


1. Receiving:

   - Safely secure inbound trailers before unloading.

   - Stage pallets for receiving and quality inspection.

   - Palletize mixed products separately for accurate inspection.

   - Scan and tag pallets with necessary information for storage.

   - Rotate older pallets for proper inventory management.

   - Maintain cleanliness and organization of the receiving dock.

2. Production Support:

   - Verify products issued to production against documentation.

   - Stock production drop zones according to guidelines.

   - Maintain cleanliness and organization of production areas.

   - Ensure proper labeling and sealing of returned pallets.

3. Shipping:

   - Secure outbound trailers and inspect for safety.

   - Identify and load pallets for shipping.

   - Complete load diagrams accurately.

   - Seal trucks and complete paperwork for drivers.

   - Maintain cleanliness and organization of the shipping dock.

4. Warehouse Organization:

   - Organize warehouse by returning products to designated locations.

   - Group like items together for efficient retrieval.

   - Utilize reach truck to manage inventory in higher elevations.

   - Rotate products for optimal inventory management.

   - Replenish selection/pick positions to minimize downtime.

   - Manage pallet inventory, sorting and stacking as necessary.

   - Assist in preparing products for hold, donations, resale, or return.


- Valid reach truck operator certification.

- Proficiency in operating reach trucks and other warehouse equipment.

- Knowledge of safety procedures and protocols.

- Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

- Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.

- Effective communication and teamwork abilities.


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