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Warehouse General Labor

Bloomingdale, GA
Pooler 3061
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**Position: General Warehouse Laborer**  

**Pay: From $17.00 per hour**  

**Expected hours: 40 hours per week**  

**Location:** Bloomingdale, GA


- Ability to lift and carry heavy objects and perform physically demanding tasks for extended periods  

- Basic understanding of warehouse operations and procedures  

- Strong work ethic and reliability  

- Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a team environment  

- Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities as needed  

- This is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to gain experience in the logistics industry  


- Play a crucial role in various warehouse operations including loading, printing, labeling, double-checking, and potentially operating forklifts  

- Perform tasks related to warehouse operations, such as loading and unloading shipments, printing labels, and double-checking inventory  

- Assist in organizing and maintaining warehouse inventory and storage areas  

- Learn and eventually operate forklifts and other warehouse equipment safely and efficiently  

- Follow all safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment  

- Collaborate with team members and supervisors to achieve daily and weekly goals  

- Maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the warehouse to uphold safety and efficiency standards  


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