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Forklift Operator

Savannah, GA
Pooler 3061
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As a Forklift Operator, your role is essential for the smooth operation of warehouse activities, ensuring timely and accurate handling of products. Here's how you can excel in your responsibilities:

1. **Picking Products for Inbound and Outbound Deliveries:**

   - Use a forklift to efficiently pick products for both inbound and outbound shipments.

   - Follow picking instructions provided on picking tickets and ensure the correct products are selected.

2. **Operating Equipment:**

   - Utilize various warehouse equipment, including pallet jacks, shrink wrap machines, and clamp machines, as required for different tasks.

   - Safely operate equipment in accordance with standard operating procedures and safety guidelines.

3. **Collaboration and Communication:**

   - Work closely with other warehouse personnel to coordinate tasks and ensure efficient workflow.

   - Communicate effectively with team members and supervisors to report any issues or concerns related to equipment or processes.

4. **Documentation and Order Verification:**

   - Document relevant information on picking tickets, such as quantities picked and any discrepancies encountered.

   - Verify incoming and outgoing orders to ensure accuracy and completeness, matching them against provided documentation.

5. **Loading and Unloading:**

   - Safely load and unload trucks and rails using the forklift, following proper loading and securing procedures.

   - Handle products with care to prevent damage during loading and unloading operations.

6. **Product Movement and Relocation:**

   - Move and relocate products within the warehouse as needed to optimize storage space and facilitate efficient operations.

   - Follow established guidelines for product handling and storage to maintain inventory accuracy.

7. **Assisting Repack and Handling Damaged Goods:**

   - Provide support to the Repack department by assisting with finished goods and raw material handling as necessary.

   - Identify and remove damaged goods from inventory, documenting the damage and following proper procedures for disposal or return.

8. **Safety Compliance:**

   - Perform all duties in compliance with safety policies and standards to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and others.

   - Adhere to established protocols for operating equipment and handling products to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

By executing these responsibilities diligently and maintaining a focus on safety and efficiency, you'll contribute to the overall success of warehouse operations as a Forklift Operator.


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