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Job Summary:

As a Semi-Moist Production Technician, you will be responsible for the efficient operation of semi-moist production equipment and the production of high-quality semi-moist pet food products. You will work closely with the production team to ensure that production targets are met while adhering to safety, quality, and sanitation standards.


Operate and monitor semi-moist production equipment according to standard operating procedures.

Set up, adjust, and troubleshoot equipment to ensure optimal performance and product quality.

Monitor production processes, including mixing, extrusion, and drying, to maintain product consistency and quality.

Conduct regular inspections and quality checks on raw materials, intermediates, and finished products.

Follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure food safety and sanitation standards are met.

Collaborate with the production team to achieve daily production targets and schedules.

Assist with equipment maintenance tasks, including cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs.

Document production activities, including equipment settings, production yields, and quality control checks.

Participate in training programs to enhance knowledge of production processes, equipment operation, and safety procedures.

Comply with company policies and regulations regarding safety, quality, and environmental protection.


High school diploma or equivalent; technical training or certification in food processing or related field is a plus.

Previous experience in food manufacturing or production, preferably in semi-moist or pet food production.

Familiarity with operating production equipment such as mixers, extruders, and dryers.

Strong attention to detail and ability to follow instructions and procedures accurately.

Good mechanical aptitude and problem-solving skills.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.

Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed.

Physical ability to lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds and perform tasks requiring bending, stooping, and standing for extended periods.

Knowledge of food safety regulations and practices (e.g., HACCP, FDA guidelines) is desirable.

This job description outlines the primary duties and qualifications for the Semi-Moist Production Technician role. Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed by management.


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