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General Labor

Lithia Springs, GA
Lithia Springs 3092
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Job Title: General Labor

Pay Rate: $16 per hour

Work Schedule: Monday to Friday

Job Duties

  •   Unloading containers
  •   Palletizing goods (arranging goods on pallets for transport or storage)
  •   Wrapping containers (securing goods on pallets with wrapping materials, often plastic wrap, to ensure stability during transportation)

Key Responsibilities

  • Unloading Containers**: Efficiently and safely unloading goods from shipping containers, ensuring that items are handled with care to avoid damage.
  • Palletizing Goods**: Organizing and stacking items on pallets to prepare them for storage or shipment, following specified patterns to maximize space and stability.
  • Wrapping Containers**: Using appropriate materials and techniques to wrap pallets, ensuring that items are securely fastened and protected during transit.

 Qualifications and Skills

  • Physical Stamina**: Ability to lift heavy objects, stand for long periods, and perform repetitive tasks.
  • Attention to Detail**: Ensuring that goods are correctly palletized and wrapped to prevent damage.
  • Teamwork**: Ability to work well with others and follow instructions from supervisors.
  • Basic Safety Awareness**: Understanding and adhering to safety protocols to prevent workplace accidents.


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